Late & Hot News Programme

Offline version

The offline version of the Late & Hot News programme can be downloaded here.
This .zip-file (2.8MB) is useful for local storage. It contains all relevant abstracts, which is convenient when not online.

Online version

The web based version of the Late & Hot News programme can be viewed here (PDF file, 476KB).
This is a separate interactive document, connected to the related abstracts via hyperlinks (marked in blue).
However, if you encounter any problems viewing this file you might download it as well, by clicking or right-clicking on it. Once stored on your local drive the hyperlinks to the online abstracts should still work.

For full functionality PDF documents can best be viewed with Acrobat Reader (free software, download link). Recent internet browsers should be able to display PDF documents with all built-in functionality, provided you are equipped with a proper Adobe Acrobat browser plugin configuration (instructions).

(We have tested the usability of this PDF file on most recent browsers and platforms. Therefore the MNE2015 organisation assumes no responsibility for any technical issues at your end.)