Information for presenters

Instructions for oral presenters

Oral presentation slots are 45 minutes long for Plenary papers (40 + 5 min for discussion and change to the next presentation), 30 minutes for invited (25 + 5 min for discussion and change to the next presentation) and 15 minutes for contributed papers (12 + 3 min for discussion and change to the next presentation). Session Chairs will enforce these times strictly, in order to allow time for members of the audience to switch sessions between presentations.

An LCD projector & computer (Windows 7, MS Powerpoint 2010 & Adobe Acrobat X) will be available in every session room for regular presentations. Neither Overhead projectors, 35mm slides projectors, VHS videotape player nor a DVD player will be available.

 Speaker-Ready Room: Volga 1


For morning sessions, speakers must up-load their presentation files at the latest at 8.00 in the morning on the day of the presentation; for afternoon sessions, speakers must up-load their presentation at the latest before 13.00, during the break between the sessions. Technical staff will be available for assistance.

To avoid software compatibility problems (MS Powerpoint), speakers are advised to save their Powerpoint presentation as a Powerpoint Show (.pps or .ppsx) AND bring also a .ppt or .pptx and a PDF-version of their presentation. Please use MP4 format for movies.

Slide lay-out considerations

  • Slides are preferred in a 4:3 aspect ratio.
  • Leave space, at least the height of a capital letter, between lines of text.
  • All fonts, including that on graphs, should be 20 point or larger.
  • Graphs and charts should have bold lines and symbols that contrast sharply with the background. Thin, light lines can be lost on some projectors.

Poster program: Key to session / paper numbers

There are two poster sessions, one on Tuesday (even-numbered posters) and one on Wednesday (odd-numbered posters). The posters are grouped according to the clusters A, B, C, and D. In the program a poster will be indicated as Day-session-p#, for instance Wed-B-p34 means poster number 34 in cluster B on Wednesday.

Instructions for poster presenters

Poster size is A0 portrait (84 cm wide, 119 cm high). We will supply material for mounting the posters. The size specification must be strictly adhered to in preparation of your poster.

  • Posters should be mounted on Monday after registration or Tuesday morning. They will stay on display during the entire conference
  • Even number (2, 4, 6 …) posters will be presented on Tuesday afternoon (15.30 – 18.00), odd number (1, 3, 5 …)posters on Wednesday afternoon (15.30 – 18.00)
  • Each poster board will have a poster identification number. Please leave them on display and do not block them in order to provide a means for orientation of visitors to the poster session.
  • Posters should be removed by Thursday 13.30. Posters that are not removed by that time risk to be destroyed and dumped.

You can find the floorplan of MNE2015 here  (including the cluster poster are)